Most brands are now putting bulky pockets on the legs of leggings and bike shorts - as a 'convenience feature'.  Here at HIPTEASE we actually see it as a bulky and unnecessary add-on.

During a tough workout or one that involves lots of up and down movement, the items in these pockets get taken out otherwise they will slip or fall out.  So it begs the question - what purpose do they serve, except for putting things in them when you're out and about?  In those situations, women usually have a handbag or purse with them, don't they?

We have put our design creativity towards our newest accessory - the Running Belt. While all our leggings and bike shorts have a small waistband pocket (for loose change or keys), the Running Belt is the athlete's solution when out exercising. 

Not only do they LOOK BETTER than big bulky jam-packed leg pockets, they also are much more functional and secure to keep valuables in - and unlike pockets, they're water resistant! The more you put in the front zippable pouch, the more it will expand to fit your items.  Alternatively, if you only have one thing in it, the belt will stay streamlined and small.