Check your garment's care label. To ensure you get the longest and best wear out of your HIPTEASE activewear:


  • Gentle Wash in Cold Water - hot water can actually fix stains more (as well as shrink clothes) so cold water will ensure the best protection against damage

  • Do Not Bleach Or Use Fabric Softener - they will ruin the fabric and elasticity

  • Wash Bright Colours Alone For The First Wash - to avoid any colour coming in contact with other clothing

  • Do Not Tumble Dry - the heat can reduce elasticity and affect the performance of your clothes

  • Hang To Dry Out Of Direct Sunlight - to help protect and prolong the life of your garments (and stop fading)

  • Do Not Iron Over Print Or Embellishment - this can and will ruin the design

  • Do Not Soak Or Leave Wet - this will deteriorate the fabric and elasticity