Most brands are now putting bulky pockets on the legs of leggings and bike shorts - as a 'convenience feature'.  Here at HIPTEASE we actually see it as a bulky and unnecessary add-on.

During a tough workout or one that involves lots of up and down movement, the items in these pockets get taken out otherwise they will slip or fall out.  So it begs the question - what purpose do they serve, except for loading up when you're out?  In those situations, women usually have a handbag or purse with them, don't they?

We believe in keeping the female figure sleek, sexy and showcasing those curves without the unnecessary bulk.  Besides - loading up the leggings pockets weighs down the leggings and can cause them to pull down. 

Our Hip Bag is fashionable, convenient and comfortable.  It draws attention to the waist, keeps the leggings sleek and in position, and did we mention it's waterproof?

While all our leggings and bike shorts have a small waistband pocket (for loose change or keys), the Hip Bag is the solution when you want to carry around more. Not only do they LOOK BETTER than big jam-packed leg pockets, they also are much more functional and secure to keep valuables in. 

Let's say good riddance to too many pockets, and hello to keeping women looking sleek, fit and athletic!