Booty Bands are the fitness model's secret to strong, toned glute and leg muscles.  Used for both rehabilitation training as well as correcting imbalances in leg and glute strength and performance, they can be used in numerous exercises and movements to obtain incredible training improvements and results. They are perfect for:

  • Strengthening hip abductors and glutes
  • Warming up the lower body before workouts; and
  • Strengthening external rotation and correcting knee alignment during squats and deadlifts.

Originally available in latex, booty bands surged in popularity because of their multiple uses and benefits.  That being said, fabric booty bands are the upgraded version of latex for a few reasons.

Firstly, latex can snap easily and is prone to micro-tears (from anything as simple as a sharp fingernail slicing an edge).  This can make it expensive due to continual replacement of bands - and painful if it snaps during the exercise!  Fabric bands on the other hand are long-lasting.

Secondly, their thinner composition and design can mean they cut into the skin more and aren't as supportive and comfortable to wear, compared to fabric bands that are thicker and very sturdy.

A third reason as to why we prefer our fabric booty bands is that latex has a bad habit of slipping and moving during exercise - did we mention it can also catch hairs on the body?  Our fabric booty bands not only stay in place but have a rubber strip on the inside to prevent slipping.

Lastly, we prefer fabric booty bands because latex, when left in the sun (or the car on a hot day) deteriorates quickly whereas fabric won't.  This is especially important for those who leave their gym bag in the car after working out, or for those who train outdoors.